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1st-5th August 2018
Belgrade, Serbia

European Mensa Annual Gathering (EMAG) is the largest Mensa event in Europe. Since its beginning in 2008, Mensans from all over Europe, and the world, gather for an amazing few days in every August.

On average between 300 and 550 Mensans attend EMAG every year.

...and we plan to beat that number.

You can contact us here
If you are interested in giving a lecture, workshop or other activity please write on

Suggested topics for lectures: giftedness, science, skills, Mensa related organisational issues...

Do it as a Mensan

Mensa members are not just tourists.

Come to EMAG and discover the Balkans in the most clever way.

Meeting old and making new friends, field trips, parties, lectures, board games, workshops and museum visits are just some of the activities that EMAG has to offer.
Main venue is Metropol Palace Hotel
Registered participants will have special prices.

Welcome to the most intelligent event of 2018.

Welcome to the crossroads between East and West

Catch a glimpse of Serbia.


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